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Oregon Academy of Science honors three faculty

Oregon Academy of Science honors three science faculty

The College of Science is proud to announce three science faculty were honored by the Oregon Academy of Science for their outstanding contributions to science and higher education in science and mathematics. Chemistry professor Mas Subramanian, mathematics professor Tevian Dray, and physics professor Corinne Manogue were awarded OAS's 2016 awards for their impressive scientific and teaching achievements.

While Subramanian received the 2016 Outstanding Scientist Award, Dray and Manogue were honored with the 2016 Outstanding Educator in Science and Mathematics, Higher Education Award.

These awards promote merit in research and education by recognizing individuals who have made an extraordinary impact in their fields Academy officials say that award winners serve as inspirational leaders to members of the Oregon Academy of Science, and embody the core values of serving students and advancing science for the common good.

Subramanian, OSU’s Milton Harris Professor of Materials Science, was recognized for his innovative contributions to materials discovery and their environment-friendly applications in electronics and industry.

“His discovery of the first new stable blue pigment in nearly two centuries is a singular scientific achievement,” said Michael Lerner, an OSU professor of chemistry.

This pigment efficiently reflects heat, could contribute to energy conservation, protects plastics and other materials from sun damage, and can extend useful lifetimes and enhance sustainability.

Dray and Manogue have co-authored dozens of publications addressing ways to improve mathematics and physics education. Through initiatives such as “Paradigms in Physics” and the “Vector Calculus Bridge Project,” they have helped change how students learn math and physics, while working with professional organizations regionally and nationally to improve teaching and foster awareness of best practices.

“Their teaching prowess in the classroom is unmatched and continually praised by students,” said Thomas Dick, an OSU professor of mathematics.

Both Dray and Manogue are Fellows of the American Physical Society and have won numerous teaching awards at Oregon State.

Founded in 1943, the Oregon Academy of Science promotes scientific research and education in Oregon in all areas of the natural sciences and social sciences. Chemistry professor Vince Remcho, was the 2015 OAS Outstanding Scientist recipient. Remcho's research group works at the interface of science and engineering to design, build and optimize microscale analytical instruments and chemical reactors.