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Male students interacting with data fest booth

DataFest Oregon delivers mind-numbing fun

The American Statistical Association’s Datafest

The American Statistical Association’s Datafest, a nationally coordinated data analysis competition that brings together the data science community, was held at Oregon State University April 15-17, 2016. Nine teams comprising 37 students and faculty from OSU, University of Oregon and Reed College matched up in data competitions and learned more about data science and statistics than you might think is humanly possible in one weekend.

The competitions kicked off at 7:30 pm Friday, April 15 in Weniger Hall and continued through Sunday, April 17 at 4 pm. Students came prepared with laptops locked and loaded with data analysis software and tools.

DataFest Oregon is a celebration of data in which teams of undergraduates work around the clock to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex data set. It’s a good way to meet other students interested in data.

Undergraduate and graduate students did the work, working under pressure as part of a team and examined their own critical thinking processes, with assistance from a cadre of roving consultants, including graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals.

After two days of intense data wrangling, analysis, and presentation design, each team developed a mere two presentation slides in just a few minutes in hopes of impressing the panel of judges.

Did we mention the prizes? Prizes, fame and glory (and cool T-shirts) went to the following students who were awarded Best Insight, Best Use of External Data, and Best Visualization. Winners received medals, a book bundle, and a one-year membership to the American Statistical Association.

Best Visualization

Minions of StatisticsXiaoxi GuOregon State UniversityStatistics
Minions of StatisticsMei MengOregon State UniversityStatistics
Minions of StatisticsArpita MukherjeeOregon State UniversityStatistics
Minions of StatisticsMai NguyenOregon State UniversityStatistics
Minions of StatisticsYiran (Rain) WangOregon State UniversityStatistics

Best use of external data

Very Big TeamBret LorimoreOregon State UniversityComputer Science
Very Big TeamChris VlessisOregon State UniversityComputer Science
Very Big TeamGeorge HarderOregon State UniversityComputer Science

Best insight

Pretty TerrestrialAndrew BreretonOregon State UniversityBiochemistry and Biophysics
Pretty TerrestrialMichelle WileyOregon State UniversityBiochemistry and Biophysics
Pretty TerrestrialSteven FriedmanOregon State UniversityBiochemistry and Biophysics
Pretty TerrestrialCamden LopezOregon State UniversityStatistics

Charlotte Wickham, Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at OSU, was instrumental in bringing ASA DataFest to campus for the first time, championing the student competitions, and leading planning and organizing efforts.

DataFest Oregon was sponsored by the College of Science, Department of Statistics, the American Statistical Association, Google and DataCamp and Oregon State University.

Read more about ASA DataFests.

Photos from DataFest Oregon 2016:

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