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Text that reads "Oregon Number Theory Conference February 16th, 2019, OSU" overlayed on a photo of trees. There is a portrait image of John Voight with his name and the text "Plenary Speaker" underneath. There is another portrait photo of Piper H. with her name and the text "Postdoc Speaker" underneath.

Oregon Number Theory Days at OSU

Oregon Number Theory Days is a joint conference series which rotates between University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University and is targeted primarily at graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in number theory in the Willamette Valley. The organizers invite plenary speakers who are highly regarded for their current research in number theory and who are also known to be exceptional expositors. Oregon Number Theory Days is currently organized by Shabnam Akhtari (University of Oregon), Derek Garton (Portland State University), Clay Petsche (Oregon State University), and Holly Swisher (Oregon State University). This rotating conference first began with a meeting at University of Oregon in the fall of 2017. The conference series has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and the Number Theory Foundation, among others.

The next Oregon Number Theory Days will be held Saturday February 16, at Oregon State University. The plenary speaker is John Voight from Dartmouth College. Voight is an international leader in number theory, including areas such as quaternion algebras and computational number theory, and is known for being an outstanding expositor. He will be giving two plenary talks, "Definite quaternion orders with stable cancellation", and "Computing Belyi maps".

The featured postdoctoral speaker this year is Piper H from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Piper H is a number theorist who also studies intersectional feminism and anti-racism. She will be giving two shorter talks, one number theory talk entitled "Equidistribution of shapes of (certain) number fields", and a second more personal talk entitled "How to Become a Liberated Mathematician in 13 Painful Years"

The conference will host a graduate poster session which will feature posters by several regional graduate students from the Pacific Northwest, including the following from OSU: Allison Arnold-Roksandich, Charles Camacho , and Naveen Somasunderam.

Anyone interested in attending the conference should register at the conference webpage:

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