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Thomas Sharpton with colleague looking at samples in lab

From scientific ideas to innovative solutions in the marketplace

Innovation Days

The College of Science is launching a transformative program to support and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship that will enable us to better identify, validate, and develop the commercial impact of basic research. Innovation Days will bring together faculty, faculty research assistants and research associates to discuss and learn about moving basic research ideas and discoveries from the lab to commercial applications and practical solutions.

Co-hosted by the College of Science and the Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD), Innovation Days will host its first session on January 7, 2019, 2:30-5 pm followed by a reception from 5-6 p.m. The deadline to register is December 14, 2018. Additional sessions to follow on February 4, April 1 and April 29.

Innovation Days is designed to build awareness and engagement with experts who will help advance and propel the OSU innovation enterprise. Workshop participants will learn about resources to:

  • Leverage basic research and research funding opportunities toward application
  • Increase the impact of basic research through patents and commercialization
  • Validate broader impacts of research projects to enhance proposal success
  • Connect with local innovation ecosystem and identify pathways to translate research to application
  • Create opportunities with industry
  • Integrate invention disclosures, patent applications, and company formation into day-to-day work to advance your career

Facilitators represent and support the many pathways available to successfully transfer technology and commercialize scientific research. The workshop series includes: Berry Treat, director of OCCD, who will provide an overview of his office and how it supports the research to industry pathway; Joe Christison, senior intellectual property and licensing manager at OCCD, who will introduce participants to technology transfer at OSU; Katie Pettinger, commercialization catalyst at OSU Advantage Accelerator, who will discuss startup support available to OSU researchers; chemistry professor Rich Carter, who will share his success story as an inventor; and Chris Stoner, senior industry contracts manager, OCCD, who will discuss the development of appropriate and effective research agreements with companies.