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Patrick Donaghue standing in front of a bush.

New Instructors 2019-2020

The mathematics department welcomed new instructors in 2019-2020.

Johnner Barrett

Dr. Barrett received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from OSU in June 2014. His dissertation was related to local conservation laws of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation. Before coming to OSU, he taught for four years at Willamette University where he was awarded the Mortarboard Professor of the Year in 2006. In the classroom, he strives for an atmosphere of free participation where everyone's approach is given attention without risk. Outside of the classroom, he has been a musician and a recreational linguist for longer than he has been a mathematician. He says, “Sharing music and helping people realize their own mathematical capabilities are each immensely satisfying. I am blessed to do both.”

Portrait photo of Johnner Barrett.

Amanda Blaisdell

Ms. Blaisdell earned her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a focus on math education from Texas A&M University in 2017. She then moved to Oregon and earned her Master's degree in mathematics from OSU in 2019. Her thesis was titled “The Experiences of Women in First-Term Calculus: Factors Affecting Mathematical Confidence”. She hopes to create equitable and active classrooms here at OSU, and would like to develop curriculum with a focus on equity. She especially likes to highlight mathematicians who are not white men, finding that many students, especially women and students of color, have never thought that someone who looks like them could be really great at math. In her free time, Amanda likes to cook, bake, garden, run, and play with her dog.

Portrait photo of Amanda Blaisdell.

Raven Dean

Ms. Dean earned her Master’s degree at OSU in 2016 in mathematics with a thesis related to active learning and the ALEKS placement test in college algebra. She says, “I want my students to interact with me, other students and the mathematics. I want to create a mathematical village where people feel comfortable learning and teaching math.” She likes Harry Potter, Zelda, and hiking to the barn behind her house. She has a son named Daniel.

Portrait photo of Raven Dean.

Patrick Donaghue

Mr. Donaghue earned his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Cleveland State University in 2017, and his Master’s in mathematics from OSU in 2019. His thesis focused on current topics in the non-uniqueness of solutions in fluid dynamics, however, his favorite mathematical result, the Baire category theorem, involves general topology and functional analysis. Mr. Donaghue uses active learning in his classroom. Outside of class he enjoys backpacking.

Portrait photo of Patrick Donaghue.

Michael Gilliam

Dr. Gilliam earned a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from the University of Montana at Missoula in 2011. His dissertation dealt with estimates of the Szegö kernel on non-pseudoconvex domains. Dr. Gilliam spent one year as an advanced mathematics teacher at Newport High School, OR, and seven years as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at The College of New Rochelle, NY, eventually earning tenure. In 2017, he was one of twenty-three recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award from Education Update from New York City region. As an instructor, his current interests are college-prep transition programs and active learning practices. He believes that great teaching is being willing to explore, create, measure accomplishments, acknowledge setbacks, and adjust. He says, “Commensurate to true learning, great teaching is extremely difficult, but it is an endeavor that I truly believe is worth all the effort.”

Portrait photo of Michael Gilliam.

Stephen Krughoff

Dr. Krughoff earned his Bachelor’s degree from Earlham College in Richmond, IN, his Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, and, in 2019, his PhD from OSU in mathematics. His mathematical interests lie in geometry and topology. As an instructor, he enjoys the challenge of providing active learning experiences and individualized attention to large class sections.

Portrait photo of Stephen Krughoff.

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