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New Faculty Arriving Soon

This coming fall the Mathematics Department will be welcoming two new tenure-track assistant professors, Nicholas Marshall and Chad Giusti, and two new postdoctoral scholars, Bella Tobin and Zachary Hilliard, into our community. A third tenure-track hire, Dr. Xueying Yu, will be joining OSU in September 2023 after completing her current postdoctoral visit at the University of Washington.

Nicholas Marshall received a PhD in Mathematics from Yale University in 2019. Since September 2019, Dr. Marshall has been a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University supported by the NSF fellowship. Dr. Marshall does research work in the intersection of harmonic analysis, geometry, and probability with applications in data analysis, machine learning, and wavelet approximation theory. In Summer 2018, Marshall worked as a research mentor for Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research at Yale (SUMRY), where he mentored a group of three students on a research project in spectral graph theory. While at Princeton, Dr. Marshall participated in the Horizons Seminar whose goal was to provide a conversation with thought leaders who are transforming mathematics through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Chad Giusti received his PhD from the University of Oregon in 2010 under the supervision of Dev Sinha. After three postdoctoral fellowships including one at the Warren Center for Network and Data Science at the University of Pennsylvania, he has been an assistant professor at the University of Delaware. Prof. Guisti works in topological data analysis, focusing on topological neuroscience, computation and coding in neural systems; the development of topological, algebraic and geometric methods in applications; and, the topology of configuration spaces. He is currently funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the National Science Foundation. Prof. Guisti has mentored one postdoc, two masters students, advised six undergraduate research projects, and is currently mentoring five PhD students and two postdocs. In the spring of 2019 he developed a new graduate mathematics course in topological data analysis. At University of Delaware Prof. Giusti helped his department with the creation of a graduate student mentoring program. In 2021 he participated in the University of Delaware Prison Education initiative.

Bella Tobin received her PhD from the University of Hawaii in 2019 under the supervision of Michelle Manes, and has been a post-doctoral fellow at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Tobin does research in arithmetic dynamical systems and number theory, with a particular interest in classifications of post-critically finite maps and dynamical Belyi maps. Dr. Tobin was a faculty co-sponsor of the Oklahoma State Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics, a co-organizer of the Distinguished Women in Mathematics Colloquium Series at Oklahoma State University, and has organized ”Be A Scientist Night” at the Honolulu Institute for Human Services.

Zachary Hilliard graduated with his PhD in Mathematics in 2020 from Washington State University. His earlier degree was from Washington State Universities in Tri -Cities in 2014, and he was an intern at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory from 2011 to 2016. His PhD work was on analysis and numerical modeling of Cahn-Hilliard equation for modeling refugee flow and mammal migration. Although Dr. Hilliard is interested in most topics related to analysis, his primary passion is in differential equations; especially finite element methods for parabolic partial differential equations. Outside of math, he likes to draw and play volleyball. During 2020 through 2022 he has been teaching and coaching volleyball at a private school in Virginia, but is looking forward to working at OSU.

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