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New Faculty Hires 2023-2024

The Mathematics Department is pleased to welcome Assistant Professor Xueying Yu who joined us over the summer, and two instructors who are also former OSU Math grad students, Peter Banwarth and Danial Wentland.

Xueying Yu

Assistant Professor Xueying Yu earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2018. Prior to joining OSU, she held the position of C. L. E. Moore Instructor at MIT and served as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Washington. Her research focuses on Dispersive Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis, with an emphasis on investigating the long-term behavior of dispersive equations. This includes local and global well-posedness problems, scattering effects, invariant measures along the solution flow, unique continuation of solutions, and weak turbulence phenomena. Her research is partially funded by NSF Grant DMS-2306429. Since 2021, she has been actively mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students in various research projects. She is excited to join the department and looks forward to engaging in more mathematical discussions and activities. More about her can be found here.

Xueying Yu Profile

Xueying Yu, Assistant Professor

Peter Banwarth

Peter Banwarth (he, him) is joining the math department as an instructor after 5 years working as an epidemiologist for Benton County Public Health in Corvallis, Oregon. Peter is a 2012 graduate of OSU mathematics with an M.S. degree. Among Peter's interests are mathematics education and the psychology of learning mathematics. Peter has a 2nd grader and two cats and enjoys biking, cooking, and playing music.

Peter Banwarth and his son

Peter Banwarth with his 2nd grader

Danial Wentland

Danial Wentland earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 2016 and a Masters in mathematics from Oregon State in 2020. While at OSU Danial worked with Dr. Christine Escher and focused on Topological Data Analysis. Danial lives in Green Bay Wisconsin with wife Amanda and daughter Kara and works full time as a financial analyst for a truckload transportation company. Some of Danial’s hobbies include photography, music, woodworking, and baking. Danial is teaching courses through Ecampus.

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