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Branwen Purdy at her stall during OMSI meet-a-scientist day.

Branwen Purdy prepares hands-on activities for kids at the OMSI Meet-A-Scientist Day in Portland, to share hands-on learning experiences about her research in topological data analysis.

Join us for these events hosted by the Department of Mathematics, including colloquia, seminars, graduate student defenses and outreach, or of interest to Mathematicians hosted by other groups on campus.

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Valuation Rings over Function Field

STAG 112
Graduate Student Seminar

Speaker: Peyton Pfeiffer

In this talk, we will discuss algebraic concepts used to study function fields of one variable such as valuation rings. We will see that the valuation rings of a function field correspond to the places and discrete valuation functions of a function field. These aspects of function fields offer a more algebraic approach to important ideas in algebraic geometry such as the Riemann-Roch theorem. Read more.