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Peszynska Receives NSF/DMS Award for Arctic Climate Research

Peszynska Receives NSF/DMS Award for Arctic Climate Research

Congratulations to Malgo Peszynska, whose proposal on “Computational Mathematics of Arctic Processes” has been funded by the NSF/DMS Computational Mathematics program. Malgo is PI on this three-year $388K project. From the project abstract:

“The project will develop robust computational models and their mathematical analyses for coupled phenomena in the Arctic including thermal, hydrological, and mechanical processes in permafrost soils as well as selected biosphere processes. Beside their connections to large scale climate, these processes have significant local impact on humans and infrastructure. Graduate and undergraduate students will be involved and trained in computational mathematics as well as in an ability to contribute meaningfully and critically to the interdisciplinary efforts within and outside the project, with efforts towards an effective mentoring support structure for underrepresented groups.”

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Congratulations Malgo!