Hello! If I have agreed to write you a letter of recommendation then you have probably been directed to this page. In order to help me write you the best letter I can, please email the following information to swisherh at math . oregonstate . edu at least TWO WEEKS before the first letter is due:

1. Your name, year, major.

2. How long I have known you (years/months) and my relationship to you (advisor, instructor, etc).

3. All the ways in which you have worked with me (i.e., all courses, research projects, advising, grader, TA, etc.)

4. What you are applying to (graduate school, job, scholarship, etc.)

5. Each program/job you are applying to, together with the deadline.

6. Why are you applying to these particular programs? What makes you particularly suited for these programs?

7. Why am I a good person to write you a letter? What do I in particular know about you that would help support your application?

8. What are your long term goals?

9. Any accomplishments, academic or nonacademic that are of interest (for example: awards, achievements, interesting projects, community outreach, athletics, etc)

In addition, for any letters that must be sent by paper mail please deliver either to my office or mailbox any forms I need to fill out with your portion filled out first, and also stamped, addressed envelopes for each letter.