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Oregon Invitational Math Tournament

Oregon Invitational Math Tournament

OIMT is an opportunity for the best and the brightest high school mathematics students in Oregon to come together for a day of competition, learning, and fun!

The 2022 OIMT was hosted by the Oregon State University Department of Mathematics on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Professor Tom Dick is serving as the local OIMT coordinator.

How are students invited?

  • Students are invited to OIMT based on their performance at the regional contests held at other higher education institutions across the state. The top 12% in each category from each regional site will be invited (rounded up). An invitation will be sent to their high school once names are provided by the regional site contacts. The regional contests normally occur between February and April.
  • Students may also be invited due to exceptional scores on the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams (American Mathematics Competition). The qualifying AMC score for OIMT is 80 for both the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams. If you have a qualifying AMC score please contact Tom Dick.

Students not in high school

Students below 9th grade are generally not eligible to participate in OIMT (there are other competitions, such as MATHCOUNTS, that are especially for middle school students). We make an exception if the student is taking a math class at a high school (this is different than taking a high school level class at a middle school).

Thank you

The Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics support the OIMT by providing medals for top finishers in each of the contest categories - Algebra 2, Geometry, Open I (advanced, but no calculus questions), and Open II (advanced and includes calculus questions).

Congratulations OIMT 2022 winners!

Geometry medalists

  • Champion: Caden Lindgren - Ashland High School
  • Amaya Bender - Crescent Valley High School
  • Claire Kiekhaefer - Ashland High School
  • Lindson Turner - Ashland High School
  • Payton Bates - West Albany High School
  • Rachel Goodenbery - Ashland High School

Algebra 2 medalists

  • Champion: Jiho Lee - St. Mary's School
  • Aidan Richards - West Albany High School
  • Chanung (Ben) Lee - St. Mary's School
  • Sabina Carano - West Salem High School
  • Seok-Yeong (Alex) Park - St. Mary's School
  • Soomin Kim - St. Mary's School

Open 1 medalists

  • Champion: Quinn Yockey - Ashland High School
  • Elizabeth Li - Crescent Valley High School
  • Ian Clifton - Days Creek Charter School
  • Juniper Christopherson - Ashland High School
  • Lewis Eibner - Ashland High School
  • Patrick Stokes - South Salem High School

Open 2 medalists

  • Champion: Gabrielle LaChapelle - West Albany High School
  • Emma Di - Crescent Valley High School
  • Jiwoo Son - St. Mary's School
  • Mason Amos - Camas Valley High School
  • Richard Chen - Crescent Valley High School
  • Sunga Kim - St. Mary's School

Scavenger hunt drawing winners

  • Mackenzie Baker - Crescent Valley High School
  • Oliver Jamieson - Ashland High School
  • Audrey Mills - St. Mary's School