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Lost & found

The Department of Mathematics follows the Finance & Administration policy for holding lost & found items found in Math classrooms in Kidder, or – in some cases – in Math classes held in other buildings. Per this policy, the Math office will hold lost & found items for one week, and then transfer them to the Department of Public Safety or Central Lost & Found. You may check with us in Kidder Hall 368 if you have lost an item in Kidder or in a Math class.

We will send most items to Central Lost & Found after one week.

We will return lost keys to the Key Shop.

Sensitive/high-value items will be sent in a timely manner to Public Safety. These include:

  • Wallets and purses, money
  • ID cards and driver licenses
  • Cell phones
  • Computers, tablets, flash drives
  • Medications

If the Math office can ascertain that the item was left in the room of a Math class, we will contact students of that Math class asking them to identify their missing item (except in the case of medications).

Students, faculty, and staff may report a lost item at the Central Lost & Found website, as items will coalesce there. You have 30 days from the time the item is received at Central Lost & Found to retrieve it (after which it becomes OSU property and cannot be retrieved).