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Mathematical Biology Seminars

Memorial Union on sunny day

The Mathematical Biology Seminar attempts to bring together those interested in applying mathematical techniques to important biological problems. The seminar will be comprised of talks by students and faculty in mathematics as well as from several ecological and biological departments from across the Oregon State University campus. Talks revolve around the mathematics of infectious diseases, deterministic and stochastic models of population dynamics, spatial ecology, and genomics, among others.

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Swati Patel

Meeting time

Fridays at 10 in location TBA

Mailing lists

Attendees are encouraged to join the student mailing list and faculty mailing list.

Evaluating Genetic Engineering Trade-offs Through Whole-cell Modeling of Escherichia coli

Kidder 237

Speaker: Riley Juenemann

Genetically engineered bacteria are utilized to produce compounds that are difficult, expensive, or impractical to synthesize chemically. These compounds have potential applications ranging from medicine to sustainability. However, metabolic pathway introduction, extensive feedback mechanisms in the cell, and evolutionary forces complicate the engineering of bacterial strains that are well-suited for the task. We need tools that will enable us to anticipate these challenges, as well as increase efficiency and enable novel design. A recently published large-scale model of Escherichia coli has enabled us to simulate many distinct cellular processes and capture their complex interactions on a system-wide level. We now introduce components related to genetic engineering, with an initial focus on chromosome modification. In this presentation, I will give an overview of whole-cell modeling and describe preliminary work analyzing the trade-offs between maximizing compound production and… Read more.



Speaker: Zech Meunier

Read more.