• Course descriptions are found in the OSU Academic Catalog

  • Enforced prerequisites are listed in parentheses; C- or better required

  • Most lower division courses including MTH 251-2-4-5-6, 264-5 offered every term.

  • MTH 253 will be offered in winter and spring terms during the academic year 2022-23.

  • MTH 310 is replacing MTH 355. The courses are equivalent and for any course with MTH 310 as a prerequisite, MTH 355 can also be used for that prerequisite and vice versa. MTH 310 can be taken concurrently with MTH 253.

  • MTH 480 and MTH 481 cannot both be used to fulfill program requirements.


♭  Programming experience recommended.

♮  May be offered Summer Term. Check Schedule of Classes.

♯  This course satisfies Computational Requirement for the Math Major.

Note:  these listings are for the Corvallis campus only.