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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)


Our 2023 REU cohort: Ling Chen from Occidental College (right), Izzy Hernandez from Oregon State University (center), and Zain Shields from University of California, Berkeley (left).

35 years of mathematics and theoretical computer science

Oregon State University has offered a National Science Foundation funded REU Program in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science nearly every summer since 1987! Currently, the program is directed by Holly Swisher, and will support 3 undergraduate students to work on a project in number theory for six weeks during the summers of 2022, 2023, and 2024.

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REU 2024

We are happy to announce funding for a program in number theory during the summers of 2022–2024! Three students will be selected to work on a research team with Dr. Swisher.

Note: All positions have been filled for our 2024 program.

Why consider Oregon State University?

Three good reasons are the beautiful location, helpful faculty, and interesting projects. Here are some comments by previous students.

"The project that we worked on was engaging and working on it everyday was a joy. The REU had a variety of activities that gave me both professional guidance and expanded my breadth of knowledge about the many fields of mathematics. The program was a great introduction to the process of participating in mathematical research and fostered a great collaborative environment." —Zain Shields (2023)

"The OSU research program is simply outstanding in giving fascinating research projects and creating an inclusive and friendly research environment. The program has given me wonderful colleagues that I'll keep in touch with and has been an enormous opportunity. Any student looking for a rigorous, authentic, and wonderful summer research experience should definitely apply!" —Ryan Tamura (2020)

"This REU was one of the most important mathematical experiences I've had." —Simran Khunger (2020)

"Participating in the REU at Oregon State University was a valuable experience that provided me with the opportunity to explore my interests in mathematics, learn independently with the support of a mentor, and collaborate with a small group of individuals on an interesting project."—Krista Wurscher (2019)

"This program has an excellent mix of support and independent study in its design. In addition to your research area, the colloquia are also a great opportunity to be exposed to math outside of the typical undergraduate curriculum!"—Laura Seaberg (2019)

"I simply cannot think of a better research experience than what OSU provided. This is perhaps the best summer I've had!"—Brian Diaz (2016)

"I appreciated that the OSU REU gave us a genuine research experience. The research projects were fun, but often frustrating, challenges. This allowed us to shape the direction of the projects as we delved deeper into our research. I think this is the most important goal of an REU: to show students what research is actually like, and to encourage those students who decide they might want to pursue mathematics after the program is complete."—Patrick Dynes (2015)

"I cannot think of a better way to have spent my summer. I made great friends and had a fantastic time doing mathematical research."—Alexa Rust (2013)

"A great place to do math for the summer. The advisors help their students just enough to allow them to do their own original thinking. A great experience!"—Joey Dickens (2013)

"The Oregon State University REU in mathematics provided me an incredible and enlightening exposure to extensive research. The tools gained will last a lifetime, and the experiences had will always be some of my most memorable. It was a truly unique and broadening experience."—Matt Mizuhara (2010)