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Graduate Travel Support

Graduate Travel Support

Mathematics graduate students planning travel to conferences, workshops and summer schools have several overlapping ways to find travel support. See recent travel of graduate students.

External support

Many organizations/agencies /institutions responsible for the event such as AMS, SIAM etc. have special funds set aside for graduate student travel support: (full or partial). The application process varies, but it typically involves submitting your CV, statement of objectives or similar, and providing one (or more) letter of recommendation. Your advisor will be able to provide advice on these opportunities as well as suggest where and how to apply.

Oregon State University support

If more support is needed, you can apply for travel support from the Graduate School, College, and Department. These awards are quite competitive, and typically preference is given to advanced students presenting their work at national or international events.

Graduate school

Graduate School Scholarly Presentation Award

An individual student may receive up to $1000 in Scholarly Presentation Award funds per academic year. Funds will be disbursed via check or direct deposit.

This is a reimbursement award only; advance payments are not available. Students may apply for the award prior to making any purchases, however, if selected for an award, all awardees will be required to submit proof of purchase before reimbursement funds will be issued.

Requests open July 1, 2022 and are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year; subject to funding availability per term. Requests must be made no earlier than one term prior to the date of the activity, and no later than 30 days following the activity.

Professional Development Award

The Graduate School also administers a Professional Development Award. Students apply directly to the Graduate School for consideration.

College of Science

The College of Science has a travel award fund that provides some travel funds for international conferences; see COSSTA for information and deadlines.

Mathematics Department

Mathematics also has a travel award program. Students applying for Graduate School and College of Science travel awards should also submit their applications to the Mathematics Graduate Committee to be considered for matching funds.

Students applying for the Mathematics Graduate Award should contact the Graduate Coordinator for information. Priority is given to students presenting research results.

Previous awards

Many of our students have been quite successful obtaining travel support. See travel awards listed at awards website and graduate travel listing.