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Malgo Peszynska in front of shrubbery

Mathematics professor elected president of prominent regional society

Malgorzata Peszynska, professor in mathematics

Congratulations to Professor Malgorzata Peszynska who was recently elected President of the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM PNW).

Officers of SIAM PNW are elected by their members. The elected officials represent different states in the Pacific Northwest including Idaho, Washington, Oregon and the province of British Columbia.

Peszynska will serve as the president of the section in 2018-19, having completed the previous term in 2016-18 as vice-president and chair of the SIAM PNW 2017 Organizing Committee. She is also currently serving on the editorial board of the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis (SINUM) and has served as chair and program director of the SIAM Activity Group on Geosciences in addition to currently serving on its various committees.

Mathematics at Oregon State University continues to have a strong presence in the SIAM PNW. Its national organization, SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), has more than 14,000 members from all over the world who are engaged professionally in the field of applied and computational mathematics. The SIAM PNW Section seeks to bring together different communities in the Pacific Northwest that are active in this field and to promote collaboration for both basic research and applications of mathematics to industry and science.

The Department of Mathematics has had a very strong presence in SIAM PNW since its inception in 2016; it provided the largest number of signatures from any of institution in the Northwest to establish the section! The department organized the first biennial SIAM PNW conference in October 2017, which featured over 150 participants in the region. The strong participation and hard work of OSU mathematics faculty and student volunteers was a key to its success.

The SIAM PNW Section offers quarterly online seminars with distinguished speakers. Due to their popularity, OSU Mathematics faculty and students interested in applied mathematics gather together to watch these informative talks.