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15 students collaged onto a Zoom screen that reads "Welcome New Graduate Students 2020-2021."

New Graduate Students 2020-2021

The Mathematics department welcomed 15 new graduate students, 12 of which come in with a Bachelor’s degree and 3 with a Masters degree. Of these, 6 were awarded scholarships.

  • Austin Bosgraaf – Masters from Witchita State University
  • Joshua Byrnes – Masters from University of Montana
  • Peter Cowal – Bachelor’s from Pomona College (Wei Award recipient)
  • Tyler Fara – Masters from Colorado State University
  • Lars Gunderson – Bachelor’s from Oregon State University
  • Praveeni Mathangadeera – Bachelor’s from Vidyodaya University of Cylon, Sri Lanka
  • Katy Ohsiek – Bachelor’s from Willamette University (Provost Scholar)
  • Nico Pantuso – Bachelor’s from University of Texas, Arlington
  • Gil Parnon – Bachelor’s from Portland State University
  • Lucas Perryman-Deskins – Bachelor’s from Willamette University (Provost Scholar)
  • Madison Phelps – Bachelor’s from University of Washington (Provost Scholar)
  • Alex Pierson – Bachelor’s from Duke University
  • Katy Price – Bachelor’s from University of Alaska, Southeast (Ramanujan Hardy Fellow)
  • Dante Salas – Bachelor’s from University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Rachel Wofford – Bachelor’s from Whitworth University (ARCS recipient)

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