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Professor Emeritus Waymire retired from teaching mathematics at Oregon State University (OSU) July 1, 2017, after thirty-six years of service. He is an elected Fellow of the Insitute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) and recipient of the IMS Harry C Carver Medal, the OSU College of Science Milton Harris Award in Basic Research, and the OSU College of Science F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science. Waymire is past-president of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, and has served on numerous editorial boards for mathematics research journals, including Editor in Chief for the Annals of Applied Probability. He is coauthor with Rabi Bhattacharya, University of Arizona, of two textbooks, A Basic Course in Probability (Springer Publ. Co.), and Stochastic Processes with Applications (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Classics in Applied Mathematics Series). He continues to serve on the editorial board for Probability Surveys, and remains active in research and graduate textbook writing in collaboration with colleagues at Oregon State University and the University of Arizona.


Ph.D., Arizona, 1976


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Probability, Stochastic Processes and their Applications
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Waymire's primary research concerns applications of probability and stochastic processes to problems of contemporary applied mathematics. His publications cover a wide range of theory and applications, including random fields, heterogeneous dispersion, multiplicative cascades, Markov processes and their applications to surface and groundwater hydrology, fluid turbulence, statistical physics, financial mathematics, mathematical biology, and the mathematical analysis of non-linear partial differential equations..

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