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Career Resources for Math Majors

Career Resources for Math Majors

The website ranks the "best jobs" each year in terms of total worker experience. In 2018, mathematician, statistician and actuary were all in the top 10 best jobs rankings.

A degree in mathematics can lead to a variety of careers, and the more mathematics you learn the more doors are open to you. There are many online career resources. This list can get you started.

American Mathematical Society

Their career Information describes career paths of students graduating nationwide with degrees in mathematics, including graduate degrees.

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Sloan Career Cornerstone Center

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation provides this resource. It has general information about careers that involve mathematics, including information about earnings, preparation, and profiles of individuals employed in various industries.

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Mathematical Association of America

The MAA provides an overview of popular careers for students with degrees in mathematics as well as profiles of actual people in those careers.

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Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

SIAM provides information about careers in applied mathematics as well as job listings.

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Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society

Actuaries are involved in managing risk. This contains a wealth of information about the actuarial profession and how to prepare for an actuarial career. The OSU math department offers a minor in actuarial science. Questions about actuarial science at OSU can be sent to

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American Statistical Association

Information about what statisticians do, what industries they work in, and how to prepare for a career in statistics. The Statistics Department at OSU offers an undergraduate minor in statistics.

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Interested in Attending Graduate School?

Many students who excel in undergraduate mathematics programs attend graduate school in mathematics or related disciplines. The American Mathematical Society has a page designed for students considering graduate school in the mathematical sciences.

Interested in Teaching Mathematics?

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides information for students interested in becoming K-12 mathematics teachers. You might explore the programs offered by the organizations Teach for America and Math for America.

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