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Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Awards given by the department

Joel Davis Student Award

Established in memory of former faculty member, Joel Davis, this award celebrates excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate.

2022-2023 winner: Sullivan Bailey-Darland

Botond Gabor Eross Math Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established from proceeds of the life estate of Jolan Eross, mother of Botond Gabor Eross. The award provides scholarships for outstanding mathematics students.

2022-2023 winners: Seth Alderman, Isabelle Hernandez, Basie Seibert, Nicholas Slugg, and Alexis Ubaldo-Zurrita

Edward H. Stockwell Award

The family of Edward H. Stockwell established this scholarship in 1997 in his memory to benefit an undergraduate mathematics major.

2022-2023 winners: Griffin Brandstetter, Madison Collins, Lonna Hall, Lodewyk Jansen van Rensburg, Rebecca Munk, and Nicholas Zitzelberger

Harry and Molly Goheen Memorial Scholarship

To a junior or senior majoring in mathematics or computer science who expresses the desire to work in the field of mathematics or computer science following graduation.

2022-2023 winner: Kimberly Truong

Mathematics Inclusion Award

Recognizes a student who works to develop and share meaningful mathematical ideas and contributes to a climate of mathematics in which people from any background feel invited and welcome.

2022-2023 winners: Ezra Baker and Mainoah Muna

Actuarial Science Award

Initiated in 1984 by members of the Portland Actuarial Club to support students in mathematics with interests in actuarial science and financial mathematics.

2022-2023 winner: Bingying Hu

Gary L. Musser Award

Established in 1997 to award an outstanding prospective elementary or middle school teacher. The recipient will have completed MTH 211- 212 and a junior-level problem-solving course.

2022-2023 winner: Claire McCarthy

WIC Culture of Writing Award

This award recognizes outstanding mathematical writing in a writing intensive mathematics course.

2022-2023 winner: Robert Avery

William Lowell Putnam Competition

This award recognizes top participants in Putnam 2023. It is a notoriously challenging exam, held on the first Saturday of December.

2022-2023 winners: Seth Alderman, Jacob Berger, Warren Johnson, and Nicholas Zitzelberger

Other departmental awards