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Placement in a Math Course

Placement in a Math Course

Check the Mathematics Placement Table below to determine which course(s) you are eligible to take, based on your ALEKS Math Placement Assessment score.

For example, if you have successfully completed Precalculus I: Functions (College Algebra), MTH 111Z, at another institution and score a 50 on the ALEKS Assessment, you will be able to register for MTH 112Z or MTH 241 based on your completion of MTH 111Z. However, if this same student scored a 78 on ALEKS, they would be able to register for MTH 251 directly and not have to take MTH 112Z. The math course(s) you will need to complete for you degree depends on your major, and it is important to discuss with your advisor during your START advising appointment what math courses are needed.

If you are satisfied with your math placement, no further action is required. If you want to try to improve your math placement, you can take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment again. You are allowed to re-assess a maximum of 4 times. Your highest score will be used for placement. Before re-assessing, you must complete at least 3 hours of study/review using the ALEKS Learning Module.

Your Learning Module will be available for 1 year after your initial Math Placement Assessment. Additional access to ALEKS can be purchased, if needed, by contacting:

You will not be permitted enroll in any courses above your score range, but may enroll in courses below your score range.

Your placement is based on your score percentage.

  • MTH 227: Calculus and Probability for Life Sciences I
  • MTH 251: Differential Calculus
  • MTH 112Z: Precalculus II: Trigonometry
  • MTH 231: Elements of Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH 241: Calculus for Managements and Social Science
  • MTH 245: Mathematics for Management, Life, and Social Science
  • MTH 105Z: Math in Society
  • MTH 111Z: Precalculus I: Functions
  • MTH 211: Foundations of Elementary Mathematics
  • MTH 103: Algebraic Reasoning
  • MTH 065: Elementary Algebra

If your score was below 15%, you did not place into any OSU Mathematics courses. You have a couple of options.

  • Use a Learning Module in ALEKS to review and learn, then take another Math Placement Assessment to try to improve your placement.
  • Consider dual-enrollment with a local community college, such as Linn-Benton Community College, for the appropriate prerequisite course(s).