Degree Programs

We offer MS, MA, and PhD degrees in Mathematics. The program rules and requirements are described in the current Graduate Handbook.

Professional Opportunities

Our graduate students are encouraged to excel in coursework and research, and to be involved in various professional activities. See an archive of recent Graduate Travel, and Graduate Publications. See also Graduate Awards in Mathematics and Graduate Achievements outside our department. For professional development, we organize a Graduate Teaching Assistant workshop, and a first-year seminar devoted to teaching, the ethics of the profession, and an introduction to mathematics research. We also have organized Professional Development Nights where students can learn from and make contact with the faculty and alumni with experience in careers in academia, industry, and labs. Some of our students participate in the Graduate School's Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT). There are also other opportunities to earn a certificate in Data Analytics and to pursue various minors and interdisciplinary programs.


Our faculty and students engage in research both in core areas of mathematics as well as in various interdisciplinary projects and grants. The research atmosphere is enhanced by weekly seminars and colloquia featuring lectures by local and visiting mathematicians, and the annual Lonseth and Milne lectures. Students have opportunities to attend regional, national, and international conferences, and to publish articles. See an archive of recent Graduate Travel and Graduate Publications.


In the first years, students develop breadth in mathematics and establish a foundation for the area in which they will concentrate. PhD students typically complete a qualifying exam in the second year, followed by an oral exam in the fourth year. The coursework covers both core mathematics areas as well as specialty topics. The PhD and MS degree programs can include a minor in a different field as well as interdisciplinary studies. PhD students may opt to obtain a MS/MA degree, and MS/MA students may transfer to the PhD program.

You can find out more about coursework at the Current Graduate Student page and in the Graduate Course Catalog.


Our PhD and MS graduates hold faculty positions in the United States (Tulane, Cal Poly, UT Austin, and many regional universities and community colleges) as well as in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Kuwait, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Some work as actuaries (Milliman, Inc., State Farm, UNUM, Bookbyte E-Commerce, Republic Group, SAIF Corporation), in industry (Intel, Samsung and more), and in government and research labs (National Security Agency, Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Lab, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Bonneville Power Administration).

Our recent alumni and current students provided some stories about their experience. You can also view the Graduate Alumni list.