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Mathematics graduate student Ruby (Ali) Chick
Graduate students

Mathematics graduate student explores marine systems through an interdisciplinary lens

Mathematics graduate student Ruby Chick pursues interdisciplinary research on microplastics through the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program at Oregon State University.

Juan Restrepo sitting on ledge in front of shrubbery

Mathematician elected Fellow of American Physical Society for advancing understanding of climate change

Mathematics Professor Juan Restrepo has been elected a 2019 Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Will Mayfield, Andrew Jensen and Sebastián Naranjo Álvarez hanging out on OSU campus

Mathematics graduate students tackle risk and uncertainty in marine science

The NSF Research Traineeship project on “Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Marine Science” at OSU is preparing a new generation of natural resource scientists.

Sea shell washed up on ocean shore

Tackling misconceptions about climate science with mathematics

Mathematician employs statistical models to address uncertainties in climate science.

desert hill with clear sky

150 years of science for land and sun

Science programs have guided the evolution of research and education at OSU since its 1868 land grant designation.

forest fire during the day time

Mathematician explains how populations handle random disturbances

Mathematicians predict population dynamics for species after multiple disturbance events caused by global climate change.

student and mentor studying section of soil

Online Environmental Sciences program ranked No.2 in country

Oregon State’s online and on campus environmental sciences bachelor program is setting high standards for excellence.

arial view of island bay

150 years of science for sea and space

Science at Oregon State University has been a trailblazer since OSU's designation as a land-grant college in 1868.

Juan Restrepo in his classroom
Faculty and Staff

Former musician, aspiring surfer, mathematician: Juan Restrepo, a life of diversity

Some of the most interesting lives don’t move forward in a straight line as mathematician Juan M. Restrepo can attest to: He planned on spending his life as a professional musician.

snowy mountains
Data Science

Quantifying risk in a changing world

Scientists at OSU work with big data to tackle climate change on many fronts.

3D model of red blood cells
Biomedical Science

Biohealth science's connection to quantitative sciences

Researchers are interpreting and advancing biohealth sciences in innovative new ways by applying the natural sciences, such as mathematics, statistics and chemistry.

cliffside along ocean shore

Math professor takes interdisciplinary approach to climate and energy

Professor Malgorzata Peszynska's current NSF-funded research takes an interdisciplinary approach to models important for global climate and energy studies.