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Duncan is a graduate research fellow at the National Energy Technology Labratory (NETL). He recieved his batchelor's degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon in 2011. In 2013 he recieved a master's degree from Oregon State. He grew up near Sacramento California.


PhD Mathematics, Oregon State University, 2016
MS Mathematics, Oregon State University, 2013
BS Mathematics, Pacific University, 2011


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computational electrodynamics, wave propogation, inverse problems, numerical optimization
Research Description: 

Duncan's research focus is two fold. He works in the development of novel numerical methods for problems arrising in electrodynamics. His more theoretical work focuses on he development and improvement of Mimetic Finite Difference Methods (MFD). He has worked on both dispersion reduction for low order MFD schemes and on the construction of arbitrary order MFD for the entire DeRham Complex. His second focus uses forward simulation of partial differential equations to solve inverse problems using the techniques of simulation based parameter estimation.

His dissertation research applies these techniques to a practical problem arrising in Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generation (MHDPG). In MHDPG electrical power is directly extracted from a conductive plasma by passing the fluid through a magnetic field. Large destructive arcs develop near the current collectors in MHD generators. Duncan's research seeks to detect these arcs by matching a current density profile to the induced magnetic fields.

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