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Postdoctoral Scholar
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Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Virginia, 2012
M.S., Mathematics, University of Virginia, 2010
B.A. Mathematics and Physics, University of San Diego, 2008


Research Field: 
Partial Differential Equations
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General Interest: mathematical modeling, pdes, nonlinear evolutions, dynamical systems, (nonlinear) semigroups and monotone operator theory, coupled systems of PDE, control of PDE

Specific Topics: nonlinear plates, von Karman evolutions, flow/fluid-structure interactions, long-time behavior of fluid-structure interactions

Dr. Webster is interested in a dynamical systems (semigroup) approach to the nonlinear Partial Differential Equations models arising in the modeling of coupled dynamics. His specific problems of interest involve fluid and flow structure interactions, where two different dynamics are coupled at an interface. Dr. Webster is also interested in control aspects of these problems, typically involving nonlinear dissipation mechanisms which drive solutions to a desired state.